Scooters in popular culture

Scooters in Popular Culture

Scooters are an efficient, cheap, and trendy mode of transportation so it should come as no surprise that they’ve left their mark on popular culture over the decades. From movies to musics and book, there are many examples of scooters in pop culture. Let’s go over a few examples of this phenomenon.

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One of the most prominent uses of a scooter in movies would be the 1953 romantic comedy Roman Holiday. This would set off a trend of having scooters in movie that take place in Europe, especially Rome, that would last to this day.

Another well known movie featuring scooters would be Quadrophenia. It was based off of the Who’s album of the same name which featured a scooter with four mirrors as the album cover. The movie poster actually features a similar scooter but with six mirrors instead, highlighting the trend of over customization of the mod culture at the time.

Other examples of scooters in movies include several Vespas being features in the background in France in the movie God is Great – I’m Not. In the James Bond film Octopussy there is a race between Vespas, a popular type of scooter.

The Mod Subculture

In the early 1960’s what is known as the “mod” (short for “modern” because they favored Modern Jazz) subculture arose in Britain among the youth. One of the most prominent features of this subculture was the fact that they preferred scooters, particularly Italian models such as Vespas and Lambrettas, as a mode of transportation.

The mod subculture was so obsessed with scooters that a person’s scooter become a part of their identity through heavy customization and modification. In some cases they would even put their names on the scooter’s windscreen. Highly reflective chrome was also popular at this time.

Other Scooters in Pop Culture

Scooters have made many other appearances in popular culture throughout the decades. Notable examples include Lady Gaga’s Vespa S150 which she was seen sitting on in several of her shows and eccentric comic book character Dead Pool who occasionally rides around on a Vespa as well.

Another example would be the race actor Hugh Jackman and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon had on beer cooler scooters on the Tonight Show back in May 2014 on Memorial Day weekend.

As scooters continue to rise in popularity due to rising gas prices you can be sure that there will be plenty more scooters in popular culture in the near future as well.

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