Keeway Agora 49cc Motor Scooter

In the past, motor scooters kind of got a bad rap. They were slow and other drivers in regular vehicles found them annoying. But times have changed, and people are looking at motor scooters in a whole new light. Scooters have continually grown in popularity. Fuel economy is one of the main things that people consider when buying a vehicle today. So motor scooters are a little more appealing.

There are quite a few motor scooters out on the market today. One in particular has some great features and that would be the Keeway Agora 49cc motor scooter. This scooter has a classic style and a very nice design. It has a very comfortable ride, and features speed and fuel efficiency. It can ride along above 35 miles per hour and can get up to 118 miles

per gallon. This is outstanding if you live in an area where the speed limits aren’t real high, and where everything is handy. If your job, shopping, schools, and neighborhood are all fairly close by, this scooter would be perfect.

Keeway Agora 49cc Motor Scooter

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The Keeway Agora runs on a 49cc single cylinder 4 stroke engine. It has an electric start and a kick start. The very comfortable seat can accommodate 2 people and has storage underneath for a helmet and cover for the scooter. There are 2 color options available. There is a metallic white, or steel Grey.

The Keeway Agora 49cc motor scooter comes with the best possible warranty in the industry. It has a 2 year warranty on parts and a 1 year warranty on the labor of the scooter. They have upgraded the seat, dash, mirrors and controls. And the scooter weighs 352 pounds.

These features offer everything you could possibly want in a vehicle. The amount of money that could be saved using a motor scooter would be outstanding. The Keeway Agora 49cc motor scooter would be perfect for a college campus. It would also be great in a retirement town.

Weather can be a problem if you’re on a motorcycle. But with a scooter, you are free to wear rain resistant clothing which is nice when the weather changes. This would be a great advantage in areas where the weather changes rapidly.

Petrol Micro Scooter

The SXT 71cc Petrol Micro Scooter. Claims to be mean and strong. This 71cc scooter are also ready for some off-road fun. It is a starter scooter – ideal for running around, but add off-road tyres and you can explore another dimension.

It weighs around 31kg and can be folded down. This means easy transport in the boot of your car or even on a bus.

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